Saturday, October 6, 2012

Voyeur Puke

Today i saw a chick puking at the bus stop. I was so lucky. How often do you just go around driving minding your own business and just see someone puking. I saw the episode while stopped at a traffic light. I look to my right and i see a black female whose pants looked like they were falling off. They were definitely too big for her. She looked maybe 18-20 years old. For some reason i kept looking at her. She just looked so weird. I was thinking why the fuck did she come out of the house with her pants like that. While I am looking in disgust, she starts leaning over. I started thinking, "Holy shit! She is about to puke!" I keep watching and watching and then.......... A huge stream of chunky red vomit flows out of her mouth. She is standing at a bus stop, which is next to a firestation. There is a guy in sunglasses sitting outside. The puke doesnt seem to phase him at all. He just keeps sitting there. She walks back and forward for a few seconds while clutching her stomach. Then she leans over again and pukes a thin stream of more liquid red vomit. Now the light changes so i have to move. Wow! I am so lucky. I'm sorry that I don't have that video. Im sure you understand. But....I do have plenty of videos at my store at 

Here is the direct link.